Sunday, 11 November 2012

Purple on Purple

Just arrived in London for a reunion with our Brother Thomas aka Jerome! We're here for the weekend for Lachlan's birthday, all staying together at this incredible apartment on Oxford Street - a location chosen for obvious reasons (my credit card is shaking in its little platform boots). After opting for an entirely purple outfit I've spent the whole day with an odd craving for grape flavoured bubble gum...which led me to reminiscing about Bubble Tape - do they still make that? 

Address Oxford Street, London, United Kingdom
Found Apartment through airbnb

Shirt Ark & Co.
Pants H&M
Shoes Jeffrey Campbell
Headband Sportsgirl
Watch Casio



  1. Ahhh I seriously have to be your biggest fan! I tell everyone about you haha! You two are even better than Mary Kate and Ashley <3 xx

    1. Ooh also are these shoes comfy? I really wanted them but worried the perspex would rub? Xx

    2. haha you really are our biggest fan Helena! Appreciate the love. These shoes are awesommme but unfortunately super uncomfortable, have to bandage your feet before you wear them or you end up with blisters. Ouch. xx

  2. Hi! I am in love with your blog. You two are simply amazing and so perfect!! newest favorite blog. Anyway, i also have the spiked stingers and i was wondering if when you wear yours, do they also fog up from the heat? Cause i swear im such a freak like that hahaha. X