Sunday, 18 November 2012

Family Dinner

Had fam dinner at Naomi's this week which was so nice, particularly because it meant I got to play with Carri bear all night... definitely missed you and Jerome though not gonna lie. Been so excited to show you these pants and cannot wait for you to see them in person, they're absolutely amazing! I got lots of compliments on my attention to detail which was hilarious - everyone was so impressed that I had matched my toe nail polish colour with the colour of the pants... it was totally unintentional but I took credit for it anyway. 

Address Melbourne, Australia
Ate All the usuals

Top Topshop
Jacket Sportsgirl
Pants Cameo
Shoes Jeffrey Campbell
Sunglasses House Of Harlow
Ring YSL


1 comment:

  1. the trousers are so gorgeous, the colour and fabric are perfect together! and you look beautiful as always, why can't i be you?! xx