Friday, 23 November 2012

Breaking and Entering

At the risk of becoming one of those idiots who does something illegal and posts it on the internet, here is a picture of the time we broke into...well I'm not really sure what it was exactly but there was definitely some sort of 'do not enter' sign. There's not much I won't do these days for a good style snap. I'm running seriously low on winter outfits but luckily had two amazing pieces I hadn't worn yet - the Sportsgirl pants, and top by new fave label Mad Love!

Address Paris, France
Painted My nails ten different colours when I couldn't sleep last night.

Top Mad Love
Jacket Sportsgirl
Pants Sportsgirl
Shoes Sixtyseven


1 comment:

  1. That coat is perf <3 been trying to find a shaggy coloured one in the uk for ages but failing miserably! xx