Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Top Paddock

While I'd usually make it a rule not to go to a cafe on its opening day, this place was so pumping as I drove by this morning that it caught my eye and lured me in. Turns out its by the owners of Two Birds One Stone which would explain why it was so packed on day one. Meal highlights were polenta porridge (see it on insta @howtwolive) and chocolate milkshake. An outfit change and quick tanning session later, Ro decided he needed to teach me how to ride his fixie...as if I'm not uncoordinated enough on my own two legs. Despite being a disaster it did make for a particularly hilarious afternoon and took me back to Copenhagen days.

Address Melbourne, Australia
Bike Custom built from www.mojobike.com.au

Dress The Cassette Society
Vest Vintage
Shoes Kimchi Blue
Socks American Apparel
Sunglasses Sportsgirl
Watch Sportsgirl


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