Sunday, 6 January 2013

Morning in Paradise

Discovered this amazing chain of stores in LA called Wasteland, where they sell vintage as well as a lot of cool Aussie labels like Minkpink and Cameo. I picked up this incredible vintage pink skirt for $29 and have been dying to wear it - thought a beach walk in the wind would be the perfect time to christen it, and of course make for a great style snap. This is the most beautiful place on earth and I can't think of a better place to go for a morning stroll - especially when it ended with us watching whales jumping out of the water right off the shore. Paradise. 

Address Kona, Hawaii, USA
Visit Wasteland Online

Top Shakuhachi
Skirt Vintage from Wasteland
Sunglasses Dansk



  1. This is amazing! I couldn't be more jealous of your location and the fact that you got that skirt for only $29.00! I miss shopping vintage in North America, its so cheap!
    Xx Linda Chai

  2. wow what a bargin