Sunday, 27 January 2013

Australia Day

Spent my Australia Day at Jerome's place for his BBQ and Spa Party. Unfortunately due to Melbourne's awful unpredictable weather the day was fit for neither of these things, but pretty much nothing can stop me from pulling out a cute summer outfit. Afterwards I headed over to (surprise, surprise...) the tennis, for the women's final. Favourite moment was when Redfoo ripped off his jacket to reveal him and his poss had spelt "VIKA" across their tees. Although it didn't compare to the guy who ripped off his top to reveal the intricate  portrait of Djokovic drawn on his chest.

Address St Kila Road, Melbourne, Australia
Ate Carousel cake (the best) with Papa Smurf on it.

Top Sportsgirl
Shorts Cameo
Jacket Nasty Gal
Sunglasses Dansk
Bag Kinki Gerlinki
Rings Dallas and Carlos
Shoes Sixty Seven



  1. Whole outfit is beauts but i am especially in love with your rings! Xx

  2. I love all of your twosies! Definitely going to invest in some :)