Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Rainbow Bright

Pulled out a seriously bright and colourful outfit for today's beach session. Fell in love with these shorts when I found them in a store in LA and was so excited to find out they were Shakuhachi. Loving that a few of our fave Aussie labels are making it big in the US at the moment. FYI have since found out there are bathers that come in the same print which I'm dying for...in case you're starting to brainstorm for my birthday present!

Address Kona, Hawaii, USA
Discovered The local surf shack sells the most delicious soft serve ice creams (kills that I didn't find them earlier on in the holiday).

Top Topshop
Shorts Shakuhachi
Shoes Senso
Bag Kimski
Sunglasses Dansk



  1. Give me your tan and glasses please!


  2. Love this outfit - so bright!


  3. Your blog was recomended on annawii.blogg.se and I am so thankful! I love you style - so edgy, hippie and modern all at the same time! You are just the kind of blog I've been looking for! I will definetly keep reading this one :)

  4. You and your wardrobe are perfection xx