Sunday, 14 October 2012

Eggs & Co.

Ventured across the river to try this cafe that serves nothing but (you guessed it) eggs. A half hour wait seems to be customary in Paris, but once we made it past that it was a seriously delicious meal. Afterwards we wandered over to Le Bon Marche where I made my very first purchase for my new place back home - a Missoni blanket! It's so beautiful and I swear it could double as a wrap, so it may just be making an HTL appearance sometime soon...

Address Eggs & Co, Rue Bernard Palissy, Paris, France
Ate Eggs Norwegian, pancakes, fruit salad (don't judge they all came as a set!)

Knit Mossman
Pants Topshop
Shoes Sixtyseven
Bag Uchi
Sunglasses Sportsgirl
Rings House of Harlow



  1. Love those pants and shoes and the meal looks rather delish. Note to self, never for to a cafe really hungry in Paris

  2. love the sweater! such a bright happy colour!