Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Back Home

First day back in Melbourne was hectic to say the least! Spent it running around meeting with designers for PFW wrap up, meaning I was surrounded by beautiful clothing all day. It took a lot of self control but after the damage we did in London, I knew I had to resist my urges to purchase! Stopped by Grape Seed to pick up our favourite chicken sanga... I had to do something to make you jealous now that I'm home!

Address Grape Seed, High Street, Melbourne, Australia
Ate Chicken, lettuce and avocado sandwich

Jacket Vintage
Top Sportsgirl
Pants Dont Ask Amanda
Shoes Shakuhachi
Sunglasses Minkpink
Feathers Sportsgirl


1 comment:

  1. Hi. I love you. I only just found your blog and I am officially obsessed. You two have the most AMAZING style I have EVER seen, like oh myy I am speechless - I'm in love! Definitely going to become one of my all time favourite blogs!
    <3 Lucy x