Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Post-Holiday Blues

Threw this adorable outfit on this morning in an attempt to pull myself out of my depressed post-holiday state. First day back at uni in 3 months and I'm already planning our next getaway (you're gonna love this one)! Best part about my day was that I finally got to use my fluoro pink 2013 kind of makes me feel like Malibu Barbie...and I kind of love it!

Address Melbourne, Australia
Diary $9.95 from Typo...get on it people! (FYI this is not a sponsored post)

Top Shakuhachi
Skirt Nasty Gal
Socks American Apparel
Shoes Robert Clergerie
Sunglasses Rubi Shoes
Bag RES Denim



  1. love your blog. love your style... the socks are great!!

  2. So I never buy look magazine but was flicking through my sister's and came across your blog, I love it!!! Your style is soo cute, love the socks and shoes. So gorgeous.

  3. LOVE IT! I went to Typo last week (because I'm also in a post-holiday state and haven't bought a 2013 diary yet) and they were already sold out! Quite devastating as I believe I'll need something neon to keep me awake in lectures this year.


  4. I love your blog it´s amazing ! You go to paris fashion week this season ?