Friday, 15 February 2013

Birthday Picnic

Yes, I am aware that my birthday was on Monday (and sadly I'm not cool enough to be one of those people who requires the entire week to party), but somehow between posts about Milou and Chinese New Year I've had to wait five days to write this. Ciders and sunshine in the park really made for the perfect way to spend my birthday afternoon, particularly with the addition of a killer cheese board, blowing bubbles, and tree climbing - although at least a little of the fun factor was cancelled out by the fact that you had to skip it for Uni. Award for the best birthday presents have to go to me, after I bought myself these killer Karen Walker sunnies and neon yellow/perspex bag - how thoughtful of me!

Address Royal Botanic Gardens, South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia
Food Highlight My favourite tuna sandwich from La Cafe

Playsuit Paper Heart
Sunglasses Karen Walker
Sandals Jeffrey Campbell
Choker Shakuhachi
Ring Yves Saint Laurent
Bag Fashiondacci



  1. Happy belated birthday for Monday sweetie, hope you enjoyed your day!!

    Love that, a birthday pressie to yourself! haha, my kinda girl!!

    Stop by my blog and say hi soon!


  2. I absolutely Love that bag!! i've seen quite a few see-through bags lately. Not too sure if its good for security but its definetly top of the list for fashion!